Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Uyen Linh in Cam On Tinh Yeu (Thanks to Love) and Take Me To The River


If you're wondering what's happen next to Uyên Linh which once I mentioned in here. Last Saturday she made her mark again with final three songs. Firstly is Sao Chẳng Vể Với Em (Why You Are Not Back to Me) is very touching. The second is "Take me to the River" which performed by Annie Lennox back to 1995. The last song is specially wrote by Huy Tuan for final night, Cám Ơn Tình Yêu (Thanks to the Love) - believe me this song is not good for final gala like this.

Take your time to see what she made of that night. And it is a very good reason for you to vote for her if you are staying in Vietnam now. She deserved this, because she was not raised from musical school like her final competitor Văn Mai Hương, but she is from Institute of Diplomatic. And she has heart touching voice, that is.


So here she is in Sao Chẳng Vể Với Em - Why You Are Not Back to Me

Take Me to the River

And Cám Ơn Tình Yêu - Thanks to the Love

Last but not least here is her If I Ain't Got You cover from Alicia Keys.

See ya.

(Uyen Linh and her competitor Mai Huong)

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