Monday, December 13, 2010

Once Fallen Soundtrack [2010]

When Chance (Brian Presley) returns home after five years in jail, he is determined to escape his past, start a new life and make peace with his father, (Ed Harris, Golden Globe winner), who is the head of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang and serving a life sentence for murder. Upon his release, his dreams of a crime-free future begin to disintegrate when he is forced to assume his best friend’s outrageous debt to a local mobster. Despite being thrust back into a world of organized fighting, drug dealing and ties to corrupt police agents, Chance falls in love with Pearl (Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson) and the prospect of living a normal life seems almost within reach. But will he be able to escape the crimes of his father and his past?

01. Once Fallen
02. Prison Fight
03. Let's Leave Town
04. Water
05. There Are No Rules
06. Liam Explodes
07. Rath Gets The Coke
08. Deal
09. Pearl / Meeting With Liam
10. Body In The Car
11. Beat and Liam
12. The Kidnap
13. If I Go, You Go
14. The Kiss
15. Funny How It Goes
16. Beat Dies
17. Father And Son
18. Reunion
19. To Chance
20. A Gift From Beat / End Credits


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